Getting Punchy


From the brain with a concussion and way too much time alone. Painting was fun, exhausting but fun. The caption reads – this is embarrassing but here goes –
I find you absolutely radishing!
Then there’s one on turnips, lettuce, sweet potatoes and yams. It’s the Vegetables In Love series. I know… Going bananas over here.

Technology Detox Due to Concussion

Concussion received when retrieving earring that fell just below a granite counter top that was just high enough that my upswing was at top speed. Wham!

Day 1.    No technology of any kind. No reading, no tv, no phone, internet etc…. Sleep, meditate, stare out the window, rinse and repeat. It felt good.

Day 2.    My room has eight walls and three windows.

Day 3.    It was day time all day. Then it was night time…all night.

Day 4.    Face plant into pillow, silently screaming I either need real virtual human interaction or I need to watch Lost In Space to get over the need to watch tv.

Day 5.    Acceptance. Feeling better and allowed to slowly do some normal stuff. Nothing that moves too fast like work, tv, movies or internet.

Another week of this, I’m told then waiting to have an mri to find out if my brain still looks like fat spaghetti or has it turned to more of a mashed potato consistency.

Done with activity for the day. Thanks for listening.

Day 5 and I’m sorry to see it go

I never accept “chain” things which this challenge was. However, I really like this one. It’s been a great creative motivator. So thank you John Kavanaugh! Anyway,  in order not to break the chain I have to nominate two others. I think Lucy Kagen Mullineaux would get a kick out of this as would William B.Plowman. Enjoy guys! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This happened during lunch today. So simple and yet with no other props, decoration or lighting it rang true telling its story of age and survival.



5 day – 5 Bl&Wh photos

I’ve been challenged (all my life). This time by a photo opportunity. It’s five days with one black and white photo a day. Day 1 and I had several choices I wanted to post but this one struck me. Shooting both inside and out (freezing out there) this is the one that felt like it created questions or had a story to go along with it.