The Bull In The Sky Blue Moo Moo

A bull was dressed in a sky blue moo-moo and came charging angrily around my family – we were having a picnic by the pool. When the people ran and scattered, he caught sight of the swimming pool and decided he just had to go in.

As the people trembled behind trees and hid under tables, he stepped in the cool water, gingerly at first, getting just one hoof wet at a time. It was a slow process for a beast and with each step he took it was completed by a low, throaty rumble. When he got up to his tummy he flopped the rest of the way in and sat at the bottom of the shallow end, his sky blue moo-moo floated around him so that he looked like the center of a tropical flower.

Swimming Bull

I wondered how long he could stay down there, it seemed way too long. When he did finally come up, he was a changed bull. A smile spread across his full face and joy twinkled in his eye.

The children among us came out from hiding and slowly approached him. He smiled and allowed them to pet him and feed him crackers. He loved the crackers, especially the peanut butter ones in the little cellophane packages. He ate delicately, nibbling each cracker and savoring the salty coating.

The pool party resumed, everyone came out from behind their hiding places and had a merry time. The bull got out of the pool refreshed, well fed, and ready to go on his way. One of the children straightened out the sky blue moo-moo and off the bull trotted, cool, happy and content.

One thought on “The Bull In The Sky Blue Moo Moo

  1. LOL thats all I ahve to say…this must be a dream…what a wonderful dream to have! When was it? What did it mean/signify? You’re great…


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