The Decadent Breakfast

I rarely eat dinner, maybe a light snack but never a full meal. By morning I’m starving and go all out. This morning though, my normal huge bowl of fruit, yogurt, granola, toast, egg white, turkey bacon thing just wasn’t enough. Searching the fridge the only thing that popped into sight were raisin bagels. I

Bagel and Chocolate

Chocolate for breakfast

still had some coffee and thought this could be a kind of soft biscotti and proceeded to toast the bagel and then smear it with an organic no fat chocolate sauce made out of pears and cocoa. The toasty warmth of the bagel helped melt the chocolate to a shiny glaze and the result was heavenly. A touch of peanut butter and it would have reminded me of the old candy bar called Chunky. Do they still have those? YUM!

Tomorrow perhaps we will try agave, chocolate and peanut butter.

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