Mascara Mercury Free

Did you know that most mascara has a ton of toxic chemicals in it, including mercury?! It does, except for the few companies that have signed with the campaign for safe cosmetics. If they sign, they make a pledge to keep it clean and green. That’s quite a pledge and commitment and I celebrate their undertaking and vow.

I have two favorite companies right now that have signed up with the campaign. Josie Moran, who makes great use of Argon oil in her lush creamy products. You can find her at Sophora. Jane Iredale is a little harder to find, sometimes at salons and sometimes in health food stores, but you can always go on-line.

Of the two I actually prefer Jane Iredale’s. Why, you might ask? Believe it or not it’s because of the packaging. Honestly. She puts her mascara in a little squeezy tube instead of a stiff hard tube. With a hard tube you have to scrape and bend the wand to get to the last bits and you never know how much is actually still left in container. By putting it in the soft tube, kind of like a mini toothpaste tube, it’s easy to squeeze out the last drops of mascara, using all the contents you paid for….genius!

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