Desert Island Makeup

If you all of a sudden found yourself falling out of an airplane about to crash into the pacific ocean and the only thing you could save was one piece of makeup from your overly stuffed cosmetic bag – what would it be? There you are, all alone on a deserted desert island with your__________? I’ll give you a hint. Blush, mascara, foundation, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and powder.

From my mother’s generation, I know it would be the lipstick. Hands down, nothing else counts except for that little tube of stain to make an otherwise drab pursing pucker into a luscious, mouthwatering kisser. What one would do with a mouthwatering kisser on a desert island, is a mystery. However, there are those that feel that is the key to beauty.

In the International Journal of Cosmetic Science there was a study done, using white women in a social setting like a bar. They were to determine which look, with and without makeup on, would attract more attention. The wearers of heavy makeup attracted the most notice and communication by same age white men, while the au natural women got less interest and the ones with just the lipstick, did not attract any one. Well…sorry mom. However, they didn’t specify the ages of the woman or the people they attracted. Keep going mom, what do they know about octogenarians?

Me? Mascara. But does it matter at this point? All of this fall into the same social psychology, and it’s all about attracting a mate, for procreation. However, at age 54 and having had two kids, I’m not sure what I would do if I attracted a mate for baby making….perhaps it can simply be for copulating rather than populating my island. In any case, I see my face looking brighter with mascara but if it’s not for charming the pants off a man (literally I guess), then who am I really making up for? Perhaps I just want to present a flashier appearance to compensate for my shyness. But I am curious, did batting ones eye lashes in cave-man days really bring on a plethora of eligible bachelors?

So what’s the point if we’re not populating the world? I was just wondering what all the other makeup is for? Yes, it can enhance and give color to pale skin and hide bags under the eyes and all that. So why not pick the one thing that we need for our desert island and not stress about the rest? Do we need all the other stuff? Ok, as a makeup artist, I’m supposed to push the stuff in large quantities, not deter you from ever buying the chemical laden stuff (oops next week’s article). Maybe for those of us that are at this odd point in our lives where we need a little brightening, I would say go for it. In your twenties or even thirties and sometimes 40’s and 50’s, do we really need the full makeup regime? Definitely not when you get too much older, it just looks silly after that.

I’ve spoken with some women about this and am met with wide eyed amazement that equals thrill, relief, gratitude and an almost theophonic revelation!

“You’re kidding, you mean I don’t have to wear the whole mask with the mismatched foundation or the clumpy mascara? All I want is blush, is that okay?”

“Uh, yeah!” my ‘no duh’ answer.

Next time you find yourself on a desert island, (that would be the bathroom or wherever it is that you put on makeup), maybe think twice about narrowing down the tons of makeup you might normally race to get on, to the bare minimum of what you can get away with. Do what you think makes you beautiful, not what Estee Lauder and Vogue tells us to think. Believe it or not that desert island isn’t so deserted.

3 thoughts on “Desert Island Makeup

  1. Fascinating stuff! I’ve never worn more than a bit of natural lid and lip tint with a touch of mascara at the most. Being fair-skinned, more looks silly on me (I think anyway). It’s I’ve known (mostly corporate) shied away from more made-up women. I wonder if it’s something to do with expertise? You show beautiful application of make-up, where too often, I see women wearing it in a way that isn’t flattering.


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