Vintage Penny Design

1971 very trippie/hippie embroidery design. I was about 15 at the time doing an internship for  a high school program (free school/school without walls type thing) for a very hip little clothing store in Coconut Grove, Fla. We had to convert old jeans into long denim skirts or jean shorts into skirts. There was a lot of plain old mending of old Hawaiian shirts,  creating pocket books and bags from jeans and although it was a bit of a sweat shop, I enjoyed it. There were just a few of us sewing and it was a very  shabby chic atmosphere enough so that I was inspired to design this embroidery.  What intrigues me most is that I was going to undertake such an elaborate design. I think the original intent was to sew it to the back of a denim jacket and who knows what happened. Why did I stop? In some way I kind of like it half finished.

Kind of hip and groovy huh? Notice the hookah to the right? What was I thinking???


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