Liking the direction and the combination of paper, watercolor and embroidery but not sure if I got this one right or not. I think I need to add more trees or something. Something is missing and not sure what it is yet.





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  1. It’s beautiful! In response to your comment about something is missing, I don’t know that anything is missing. Perhaps darken the tree trunks with a few darker lines in the reflection, too. Just a couple of darker touches as a sublte suggestion, hints only of slight deeper values? That’s only my personal preference as someone who loves contrast, but my opinion is only just that: an opinion. Monet did far more than fine with his palette in tones and value like yours above 🙂


  2. I really love your using both embroidery and watercolors. They go so beautifully together and really enhance the qualities of each other. A great testimony to the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


      • When I was young, I used to type out “newspapers” on my Royale portable typewriter. I often edited work at the office and wrote letters, internal marketing pieces, manuals and information sheets for customers, upon request as none of that was part of my job. Writing is one way I practice communicating effectively. I write primarily because my gram made me promise I’d never stop writing. She’s gone now, but I keep that promise 🙂


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