Iowa took me eight hours

I did this embroidery at work. Should I admit that? In freezing cold studio, waiting to do touchups on two fellas that talked about wildlife conservation and their part in to 30 or so radio and tv stations. Fascinating but freezing! my hands
could hardly move.
(p s I’m doing this from the phone for the first time – lets see if I can get the picture of the piece in here)


12 thoughts on “Iowa took me eight hours

    • Ya know when someone on stage is holding up one hand telling the audience to stop clapping but the other hand is waving them to keep on? That’s how I feel with your compliments. On one hand thank you and you may sit down now, on the other I want more. I respect your eye and art and love reading how you see each piece. Thanks as always.<3


  1. Lovely! the yellows are so pretty and your stitching brings them to life! Are those gold beads? Reminds me of getting a peak under the sea yet still seeing the sky. Dreamy.


  2. Congratulations! I’ve passed on the Virtual Blogger Award to you! Check my blog today to see and “pick up” the award for your blog. Pass it on if you can but if not -no worries-just enjoy your well deserved award!


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