My favorite

While in Maine my dog and I would walk along the road to town with our eyes on the ground in front of us (he did it with his nose, me with my eyes). I was taught to walk this way by my Uncle Max. He lives in NYC and taught us at an early age that if we look at the sidewalk while we walked we’d find all kinds of treasures and he was right! In Maine and many other places, I continued that tradition and found my favorite – rusted metal! This isn’t my favorite embroider, in fact I’m not even sure I like it because of the added lace fan….what do you think? It’s not quite what I want. It feels a little contrived to me, it doesn’t speak to me yet. When I laid the pieces of rust down it looked fascinating but as I added embroidery it became ordinary…How to solve this, I’m not sure….I’d love feed back. Thank you so much in advance!!!!


3 thoughts on “My favorite

  1. How did I miss this? I’m signed up for notifications as following the blog – I must have done something wrong.
    I like the rust and the embroidered leaves remind me of how vines and other foliage are reclaiming many of the steel mills in OH and PA. It’s a beautiful piece.


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