Putting On Eye-liner When You Have to Take Your Glasses Off

A spokesperson for a major cosmetics company put out a twitter tweet a while ago that said women with glasses should really make their eyes stand out since so much is lost because of the frames and the lens. Do this by using lots of eyeliner. I answered back and said that eyeliner is very difficult to put on when you have to take your glasses off in order to get to your eyes. The response was less than helpful and in fact said something to the effect of  oh, I hadn’t thought of that, thank you. My response to myself was that this must have been written by a young person who has little to no experience as a makeup artist. Was that too mean? It was to myself she didn’t hear me, it’s okay.

On with the problem at hand and the possible solution. I was told that if I could figure out how to put on eyeliner while using a magnifying mirror and getting a straight line without the pencil or brush bumping into the glass, it would make me an instant millionaire. So here we go, I’ve been going to work using this method and no one has told yet that it looks bad or wrong.

Even with the most powerful magnifying mirror you still have to get close to the mirror in order to see. The pencil or mascara wand bumps or when the glass is too magnified it begins to warp the image that we see of ourselves at close range may or it may not include the whole eye so shifting around is a necessity making it all the easier to bump the brush or pencil.

To this problem I have a very simple solution. Some of you may like this and some may not. It changes the look a bit but it works. There are just three steps.

Step one, this can be tricky and uncomfortable for some of us but don’t panic! Mascara is put on first. I know it is hard to put on with the magic mirror and it makes a mess, bumping and crossing over from the right side to the left and so on. There is a trick however, are you ready? This may be upsetting and you might think I’m completely nuts but the answer is don’t use a magnifying mirror to put on the mascara. Honest, no matter how much it hurts, don’t do it. Use a regular mirror, glop it on, brush it, stroke it, tamp it on the upper lashes and the lower and then do it over again. Believe me I know what you’re thinking and experiencing. Gross, right? It becomes a giant, speckled, speared, black or brown, sometimes smudgy mess, right? Yup, me too.

Step two is easy enough. Now you can take your close-up mirror and a Qtip and gently wipe away the spots with a tiny bit of almond oil or whatever you use to take makeup off with. Just a tiny bit though. That’s right, all around the lids, upper and lower until you are all cleaned up, leaving the big bushy lashes.

Step three, is a piece of cake and yes you may use your mirror if you feel you must. In drawing or painting, in order to get the greatest bang for your colors and your palette, we put two contrasting colors side by side. This also includes black and white. Notice paintings in a gallery (you might have to get awkwardly close to see some of these tricks but believe me they are there). In some paintings, the figures are lined with black, some are lined with red (which also makes things pop) and some are painted by artists that do things like put a juicy green leaf against a deep, dark, ruby-red background. POP! Or orange highlights in a cloud against a rich blue sky. POP, again. This being the case then why not do this very same trick on a very rudimentary level with our eyes.

I have yellow skin and the color that contrasts the most and is the brightest on me is a color that has a pink tint to it. If you have a more ruddy (pink or red) skin tone then yellow is the contrasting color. When I put this pale pink eye shadow on my lid, two things happen. One, my lids stand out in contrast first, to my skin and second, it creates some much-needed separation (my eyes are big but close together). The other thing that happens is that those same bushy black or brown lashes now have a contrasting color backing them up and Viola´ , POP!

Don’t like that one? How about the ever popular darkened eye lid. It doesn’t actually have to be dark. It can be really shiny bronze, gold, or burnt umber but with a completely covered lid you don’t necessarily need eye liner. In fact the impact of the  iridescence is so intense that just a little mascara will do it!

Does this work for you? There ya go, two methods to get you around the evil eye liner. Both are quicker, only marginally messier and can still have the same impact without struggling with eye liner pencils or brushes when you can’t see without your glasses. The idea behind makeup at least for a daytime work environment is to enhance the appearance not to mask it. So unless you have a personal makeup artist (which I can easily be that person – contact me and I we can discuss my fee), then this is a reasonable eye enhancing solution for those of us burdened with glasses.

Am I a millionaire yet?

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