Follow the bouncing ball


Typical of me to switch mediums mid-stream but I found the instant gratification of colored pencil too enticing to resist.


3 thoughts on “Follow the bouncing ball

  1. Like you, I switch mediums too. It’s fun to create in different media. It keeps our approaches fresh and allows for fun discoveries. And sometimes, we just need a little immediate creative gratification!


    • exactly. It mystifies my very left brain husband and some other friends. I had this very famous (at least inside the beltway famous)lady yell at me (lovingly I suppose) every time she saw me. She’d scream “Focus, damn it, focus on one thing! How will you ever get anywhere if you don’t focus!!!”


      • Ha ha, that’s a great anecdote! I don’t know if you’re like me in this way, but I need something solid and grounding, like a conservative job or academic pursuit, so I can feel free to be UNfocused in my creativity. Sort of like having a tether, if you will, and then flying free knowing I can always come back down to earth later. By the way, love my little Maine piece of yours. It’s like a mini-vacation.


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