Pain in the Pane

How exciting for a lowly cook-only-at-home type of cook to see the inside of the White House kitchen! Actually seeing the inside of most any industrial or commercial type of kitchen is kind of cool. Crazy energy, dreamy aromas, fancy plating, and the quantities! So much fun to observe, I have no idea what it could be like in real life when a kitchen is going full tilt, except for what they show in the movies or television. On this particular day, the Today Show was doing a spot with Giada DeLarentiis and I was hired to do her makeup. I am very pleased to announce that this is a down to earth, upbeat, optimistic and a cheery-as-she-is-beautiful, person. We were there to do an interview with the First Lady (are we supposed to capitalize that?) and more importantly with the first female chef, Cristeta Pasia Comerford or as we were instructed to call her Chris. Continue reading