Paint and fiber

IMG_0101Canvas with fiber 11″x 14″

This is the first – fun and different – I have no idea if it’s aesthetically pleasing or not…oh well…going with the fun aspect.

Eddies without pearls

…but I think I want to add three dimensional pearls to this somehow….a string of pearls or maybe just randomly placed. I’ve been sewing on canvas, perhaps I should sew some pearls on this…? I’ll publish the embroidery painting in a few minutes.


Canvas and water soluble oils 24 x 30

A Powerful Meditation

Something different. I have used meditation to survive daily stresses but for many years I  have had some profound experiences with it. This is one of those experiences:

Indian Summer – 11/20/2000

 Surrounded by six elderly Native American women, I am in the middle, nestled, safe and protected by two powerful elements Рage and wisdom, yet no one speaks, there is no need, we just drift in silence. Staring beyond the many miles of wrinkles, sun browned skin and snowy white hair, a tunnel of trees brush by us as our canoe is expertly guided downstream. The sun is behind clouds and we are all wrapped in faded wool blankets. It must be early in the morning but I am not told why I am here or where I am going. The trees still have leaves but I can see my breath and my cheeks feel the cold air. Continue reading

Waterfall Abstract

Yes, I guess I’d still call it an abstract. Although maybe it should be called the awkward landscape. It’s still wet, maybe I can play with it more.

24″ x 30″

The Awkward Landscape

The Awkward Landscape