Going With Purple

Couldn’t resit the purple denim for the background.

White Peacock

image size 8″x10″:


 Snow Day

Snow Day

12 thoughts on “Going With Purple

    • As always, thank you!
      I have a question though. Do you know anything about dying a cotton rug? I have a small ugly rug (maybe 3×5)that I thought I could rejuvenate with good solid dye job. Do you have any thoughts on that? xo, P.


      • Hi Penny!
        How about dyeing it in a plastic garbage bag? You could leave it in the dye all night and wash it out the next day. What color are you thinking? What fun! Wish we lived closer- I would come over and help you!


        • I would love to live closer it would a lot of fun. I could see collaborating on projects. Actually my husband and I are trying to figure out where to retire in 10 or so years and have talked about coming north again. NY, Conn.,and Mass are all on the list. He wants to be near a big enough body of water to sail in. So that seems to be the driving criteria.Thanks for the suggestion, after my art show I’m on it…garbage bags!


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