Jean Therapy – Necessary Embellishment

Trying to save my poor old jeans…they may not make it for much longer.

Saving my Jeans

Necessary embellishment

Fashion Industry People, Please Stand Up

This little fashion creation messes with my mind and I just have to ask, has anyone else noticed how hard they (the fashion people) make it to get in and out of a pair of trousers? Trousers being the nice, fancy, go-to-work-pants, not jeans, not leggings or sweat pants. The kind that are just a tiny bit long, the kind you might wear with heels and have sharp crisp folds running down the from of the leg. I can’t get a good enough explanation as to why there seems to be a ridiculous number of buttons, snaps, and zippers and of course a belt to fuss with just to get a pair of pants and off. Is it some kind of cruel joke the designers are playing on women? Are they all sitting around snickering as they envision some poor women jumping around in a bathroom stall, with her legs crossed in that unmistakable urgency, while desperately fumbling around with all those fasteners so that she can finally go and not pee in her pants? Continue reading

The Oaf In Me

Preface: Let me explain, just to set the record straight, I am very average in size. I’m not big and not small. Most of the time I wear a medium at 5’6” with the obligatory ten pound overage, I am so average that it’s embarrassing. Most of the time I’m a size eight jeans with brown shoulder length hair, green eyes and all the things that make someone a standard sized human being. Continue reading