Cat Eye Eye Liner – Not For Everyone

Cat eyes and double cat eye, eyeliner is all the rage. Why, I have to wonder is it so hot? It’s hard for most people to do. Getting it even on both sides of the eye, getting it dark and smudge-free is difficult at best and if you wear glasses, forget about it!! Trying to put eyeliner on in general using a magnifying mirror is nearly impossible for those of us who wear glasses, especially if you have to hold the mirror while you’re doing it because you don’t want to put holes in the wall by hanging one or you’re just too lazy to put one up at all (obviously I’m talking about myself here). In any case I have a theory that my rebellious and suspicious mind has concluded.

Is it possible that this trending style comes from a commercial? Are we all following a car insurance commercial and a character that was created to look overly exaggerated and cartoonish? I believe that might be the case. Her makeup was a throwback to the 50’s and her style was going for that car-hop-dew-op-waitress-at-the-drive-thru look.

In television, it’s no longer good enough to create corrective makeup so that blemishes and shine don’t appear as prominently. Now we are all going for the plastic-manikin look and that’s for both men and women. Women especially want that MAC counter-girl makeup. Yes those girls are taught to be creative with their makeup and create drama but the drama is for night time clubbing not for daytime television news. Everyone, however, has embraced it thinking it is sexy. Is it? Do men think all that makeup is alluring? Most of the time I hear men wanting a more natural looking woman, low maintenance is appealing.
Most of that heavy handedness I can blame on the makeup industry trying to make gobs of money and on the MAC counter-girls getting work in television. They have all been taught to use massive amounts of makeup on their customers in order to sell massive amounts of product. The problem is they bring that background to television and for some reason everyone thinks they know what they’re doing. There are so many of them now that they have actually been effective in changing the look of on camera news people.
Okay so now we are all getting board of the “clubbing look” and we have gone to the even more stylized cartoon look with the cat eye black. Admittedly it can look really good on some people, especially accompanied by lots of powder, foundation and other products. Those with dark hair, dark eyebrows can handle this look beautifully. But come on people, really, everyone, everyone is doing this look for everyday and not just going out? I saw a beautiful blonde girl trying this look out and it was ridiculous, at best! They reality was that she is young with beautiful skin and an equally beautifully smile and needs no makeup at all. She wasn’t going out or going on television and she wasn’t a cartoon. Do we all have to do the same thing at the same time? We are such a bunch of social lemmings. If the next television commercial depicts heavy black lashes drawn below the lower lash line are we all going to do that too? Do we do this while we are all jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge because MAC or Progressive Insurance commercial tells us to? aging floosy
I don’t know how to break the pattern but I would love to! Here is the plea. If you feel the need to use makeup, look at your face and decide what really looks good on you and not what a commercial or cosmetic sales person is selling you – they don’t care about you or how you look or feel, just how much they can get you to spend.
Cat eyeliner, do it right, evenly with no smudges or bumps or don’t do it at all. Look at your face and decide do I need all the many layers of product they want to sell me or just a little mascara and lip gloss. By the way, most of the products in the department stores are all using poisonous ingredients anyway, so really, do you want that on your face and lips?
Thanks for letting me rant…again.

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