Have I Made It Yet?

Not too long ago, this semi-famous-fat-wealthy-powerful guy was telling me that if I hadn’t “made it” by the time I was 30 then just forget it. Being somewhere beyond 40 at the time, I found that incredibly disappointing and became temporarily depressed. However, not being one to wallow for too long in my misery or to believe everything I hear, I began to question whether I had “made it” yet or not? Which led me to wonder, what does “making it” mean?

Have I “made it” by virtue of having survived my daughter’s teenage years or having had breast cancer? What happens if I haven’t really “made it” but married someone who has? Does that mean I’ve “made it” through proximity? All I did was say “I do.” But really I didn’t “do” anything but get married, to someone who actually did “do” something. It gets complicated. So, I would count that as a, no. I personally haven’t made it even though my spouse has.

I still felt the need to break this down. So, does having money mean that I’ve “made it”? How much do I have to Horse Trailerhave? I suppose living paycheck to paycheck, isn’t good enough, is it?

I think when you have actually achieved the height of “making it” you have to be able to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini and live in a palace or at least a mansion. How about owning a “McMansion,” does that count as having “made it?”

otiesshed500 sold.

The issue is that having gobs of money is a full-time job. You have to grow it, nurture it and hide it from hackers and thieves. Most of all, you have to keep track of its comings and goings all the time. Then you get angry if someone scratches your expensive new car or spills red wine on your fluffy white carpet (white carpets could only be for people who have enough money to have other people clean them, right?). Then, even if you had a full-time accountant to take care of your piles of money, wouldn’t you be worried that he was running off with your millions and maybe with your spouse too? And what happens if the stock market drops? That’s not “making it” that’s like being married to a demanding, controlling lover that leaves you in a puddle of tears, making sure you feel like a failure because you weren’t paying close enough attention. Ewww, no thank you!

How about fame? If you’re famous, have you made it? And, could I ever want or hope to be famous? I can answer that in one word – nope. I have to rule that one out immediately. You have to be really skinny (oops, instant fail!), smile with big white teeth(fail) when you don’t want to and wear makeup all day, every day. Of course the day you don’t have on any makeup, is the day the paparazzi find you. That is when you’re looking like you should be best friends with a strait-jacket and your hair is sticking straight out like raw spaghetti. That, of course, would be the picture that gets plastered all over the tabloids saying how far down you’ve gone since that last movie you made, even though you just got an Oscar. Oh yeah, that sounds like so much fun (sarcasm)! Nope, that couldn’t be the meaning of “making it” even if I did have my own personal masseuse and driver. Hmmm, wait, I’ve always wanted a driver and masseuse. I might have to review parts of this.

Well, moving on. Power? Power is creepy. It’s playing control games and for some reason chess doesn’t come to mind. It’s a little more like high school cliques, seeing who is going to make it all the way to prom king or queen. Then, once you’ve gotten that far, and you’re up against other prom royalty from other schools , you get to play mind games with them to out-smart and out-pretty them to stay on top. That’s just too much work. One day, I overheard some political people conspiring to bring down another leading political person who was on the other political side. It was mean and ugly and you have to remember all the lies you’ve told and uphold all the conspiracies you’ve created. When you have all that power, are you sure who your friends really are? Do you sit with your back to the wall in a restaurant or have a dozen body guards, just in case someone tries to steal your king-of-the-mountain status? If this is “making it’ then I have definitely not made it or want to.

Okay, so that about does it, money, fame and power are the things that people seem to want to claim as having “made it.” In that case, I guess I haven’t. Why would I ever want to suffer through all that? Is it laziness or repulsion that is the deterrent for me? And what’s the advantage anyway? Okay, so that about does it, I’m over “making it.” Can I keep the driver and masseuse even though I haven’t made it? Never mind.


4 thoughts on “Have I Made It Yet?

  1. Such a great post! In my mind “Making it” is all about conscious living and awareness of what’s real. In my opinion, therefore, you’ve made it and will continue to make it. But then again I’m not famous, rich nor powerful, except in my own mind … I am sharing.

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