Ablaze or Burnout?

Burnout! In fact, I am going to strangle the next person that uses the word “amazing.” I was watching a television show and in every sentence, that word was used. I counted 17 “amazings.”

I think words need to have an expiration date on them. The weird thing is that there are just a few words that we have massively overused and have been stuck on for a while now.

Sadly, these are the words that will be floating around the cosmos for any old alien able to pick up sound waves to hear. What are they going to think of us? Every other word will be “awesome,” “random,” “hysterical” and especially “amazing.” One alien will say to the other aliens, “With a limited vocabulary these creatures are too dumb to have access to technology. Let’s kill them all to save their beautiful planet and the rest of the universe.”

The thing is, I love trendy words. They’ve always been something you look forward to like presents at Christmas time. Back in the 40’s (I wasn’t around then), words like “swell” and “golly-gee,” were in. But they only lasted a short time. Then it all changed. The 50’s (I wasn’t there then either) words were “cool-daddy-oh” and so on, but they changed too (thank goodness). The 60’s were “groovy,” the 70’s “far-out,” 80’s were “bitchen.” Then I think we begin to get bogged down. Do you realize that “BFF” started way back in the 90’s!? Hello, it’s the next century and we’re all still using Amazing.“BFF!” Here we are firmly entrenched in 2015 and all those “awesome” type words have held on. I’m having a serious problem with this. Are we stuck in other ways too? Has technology wiped out all our right-sided creative brain activity? Are we going to stay spewing “hysterical,” and “amazing” words for another decade? We’re almost up to three decades of “awesome” as it is.

What if we have lost the ability to be creative? Have teenagers stopped making up new hip and groovy words? Are they so captivated and addicted to technology that they don’t have any interest anything else? What will this mean for the rest of us? It could be like a butterfly effect. If there are no more new, cool, specifically-used-by-teenager-words in one part of the world, it could mean mass couch potatoism on the other side of the planet. All they have these days are acronyms. LOL! Are those the new “in” words? I thought they use those just in case there’s a “pos” watching.

Could it also mean that teenagers all over the world are beginning to think like adults? You know how they say that you have everything as a child – creativity, joy, openness and all those wonderful attributes that get beaten out of us one way or the other by the time we’re done with grade school? Are children brain-washed of their creativity by the dazzling lights of technology? It’s all math and science with no room for language and arts. YIKES, it’s a plot to destroy teenage-hood! Wait, I think that might be a good thing! Okay, well, you know what I mean; we’ll go right from childhood to adulthood, with no more teenager-inventive-slang!

This is awful. We will be forever stuck describing little kitty videos on Facebook as “hysterical” when in fact they were only slightly watchable or maybe if they’re really good, “cute”. It’ll be the year 2075 and they’ll have changed the name of the USA to RAAUSA or The Randomly Amazingly Awesome United States of America.

Quick, let’s get our “teenager on”! You all dope with that or is this just hella-cray-cray and I’m just a duster? Maybe I need a MOOC because apparently I suffer from FOMO.

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