Political Atmosphere Selfie

I’m trying to be strong, up-beat and pro-active. I’ve written to my Congressperson four times in the last few days. Then I listen to the news and the storm clouds roll in…..politicalatmosphere

2 thoughts on “Political Atmosphere Selfie

  1. I’ve written to my MP (‘member of parliament’: I’m in the UK) several times recently. All I get is boilerplate spin about how they’re ‘doing their best’ and ‘these problems are complicated’. Here in the UK we have an ongoing problem with sewage being discharged into rivers and coasts, and my ‘elected representative’ (no, I didn’t vote for him, I’ve voted Green for years now) blames the problem on… the Victorians. I’m half French (which, in these Brexit days, I shouldn’t admit because it could risk compromising my British citizenship) allows me to exclaim: INCROYABLE!

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  2. After our previous president I had to stop listening to the news, even though I was working at a network news station.🤷🏻‍♀️
    You’re really going through my blog.


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