It’s Lush Out There

Just a little summer offering. It clouds, it rains, it suns, it winds. I can’t tell when to walk the dog. The path next to the creek is way too muddy. The clouds are bouncy thick…will it rain now? Now? Maybe I just have to get wet and muddy.

I bought grey ink and wanted to see what it would look like on watercolor and pastel. This is it but it doesn’t look very grey….However, the paper was white. Not sure why it looks pink.



6 thoughts on “It’s Lush Out There

  1. I really like the colors – my computer screen isn’t picking up on the pink tones. It feels good. It has been so cloudy here too. Today the sun is out (for now) and it is pretty humid already this morning and sloshy outside.


  2. Looks great <3. The background looks a different shade depending on which monitor I use. Colors are a mystery, I've found ambient light and immediate surroundings are key, maybe the sea green is enough to give a a hint of red. 🙂


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