Always With The Trees

My older sister once said, in her most snide voice “Why are you always drawing trees?” I was stunned and didn’t know how to answer. I love the trees, I thought to myself but she, being the big sister must right. So, I stopped drawing trees or at least was very aware of all my seven year old obsessive tree drawing. 

However even now, (almost 61) I still have her voice in the back of my head putting me down for drawing too many trees. I have analyzed it, rationalized it, and let it go – many times! For years, well into my 20’s, I resisted the trees. I did it but, I felt guilty or wrong. Isn’t that crazy? Okay, so here are the current trees with no thought of guilt or shame. Just fun-ness.



8 thoughts on “Always With The Trees

  1. Time for an intervention.. TA-DA Tree Art Drawers Anonymous😮 Seriously, I’m glad you’re doing what you love, that’s all that matters. And your trees rock, so there!💗😊


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