The Pimple and the Plague

A weird thing has been happening since staying home to avoid the corona virus. In my effort to not angst about the spread, I’ve strangely stopped caring too much about my appearance, maybe just to have one less thing to worry about. This might be partially fueled by the giant pimples I keep getting at the end of my nose. One goes away and another appears. What’s up with that? Who did I wrong in a past life to get end-of-nose-pimples at age 63?

If I had to face someone from ten feet with my giant nose pimple, they wouldn’t even notice that I didn’t blow dry my hair, I’m wearing really ugly flats and unflattering, baggy jeans, or that I’m not wearing a bra? All they would see (and probably muttering to themselves):  ‘Tis a rock! …a peak! …a cape forsooth! ‘Tis a peninsular! Cyrano de Bergeracby Edmond Rostand 1897

Consequently, I have been walking around with no adornments, no restrictive clothing, and no thought to my appearance. It’s been liberating! Mirrors be damned!! I am curious to see how far this will go. Will I burn my bras and smash all my mirrors in one of my typical rebellious rantings? Or maybe I’ll just calmly get used to my new retired-self-isolation look and be an old crone.

There’s one positive aspect to social distancing is that people look a whole lot better at ten feet away. Maybe even after the virus, I should make ten feet from people my permanent comfort zone. I could wear a sign around my neck with giant letters legible from ten feet away. It might says: “Better At A Distance” or  “Approach At Your Own Risk”.

So I have to ask myself, even when the pimple goes away (it will won’t it?) will I begin to get all judgy again about my appearance? Or, will I continue the trend and shred and distress a long dress or gown, muddy it up a bit, and layer it with a few other raggy pieces? I’ll wear a leather bag filled with bones and herbs around my neck. Pimple on the nose and even warts, will be welcome.

This is only day two of self-quarantine. I’m not sick but who wants to be seen with a giant end-of-nose pimple?

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