I started this embroidery a long time ago and decided it needed something. Fun but, meh, who cares.

It was just wrong. So I cut it up.

It’s beginning to have a little intrigue. Should I make it into a book, a sculpture, a mobile or a framed piece. Like I said, I’m stuck. Help!!

You’re allowed to say throw it away, or spray paint it black and go with texture instead of color. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you 😁

4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Maybe stitch them together again…and at the bottom create some dangling pieces…or embroidery dangling that feels like a rope…if that makes sense just keep going and rebuild it…fun…I like fabric art…and the textures Penny ~ smiles Hedy


  2. Very nice embroideries!

    You already have ideas what could come out of it.
    I’m adding:
    A tapestry.
    Several collages.
    Maybe textile jewelry.
    A bag or several small ones.
    Decorate clothes with it.
    Make up a story about them.
    Add other materials to expand your repertoire.

    Have a great day! Stay inspired! ☀️🌸😊


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