Mask Upside

This is all to say that side effect number one played out in real life. Remember, side effect number one was hiding facial flaws. Well, it was a beautiful sunny, fall day, just cool enough for a sweater. I donned my mask, a pair of big-round-very-black sunglasses, skinny jeans (I look good in those) and boots. With my hair long, undyed, unruly and on the loose, I went about my business doing errands. Walking towards the wine store, three very good looking 30-ish year old guys, (with masks) nod and stare. Wait, what!? I looked behind me. Was that for me? My hair must have been…no, my sweater was…my mask was on backwards? You know how you can tell when someone is smiling even with a mask on? It’s all in the eyes and the brows. Well, these guys were definitely smiling….at me!

Positive side effect number four:  I guess I no longer need rhinoplasty, just a $10 mask.

This mask thing is definitely good for everyone’s health, but need for a mask might end before next winter. I hope by then they can become a fashion statement. Then I could look forward to being out in the cold, while hiding my Rudolph red nose and swish into the wine store like a boss.

I’m lovin’ this mask thing. Can we do it again next year?

2 thoughts on “Mask Upside

  1. Well I’ll look at the mask thing differently Penny…I’m not fond of them at all…I pick my running around times carefully….but I also remember travelling and knowing many people wear them in pubic even with out a pandemic 🤓🌞sending you joy ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

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    • I somehow missed your note. I have family in Kelowna who have said the same thing. The virus is so crazy intense here that it’s become a requirement. I guess I’m looking for any reason to make it ok to wear a mask. I try to choose my outing times too but living on the east coast near a major city, there’s hardly a good time where there are fewer people around.
      As usual I love seeing your photos !!!
      xo, P.


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