Prelude to Earth

The place I grew up was heavily wooded. It offered a place to escape, play, build forts and feel free. I had a route that I followed through the woods. In the winter it led to a frozen swamp that I skated on. In the summer I went to an outcropping of huge rocks that tilted towards each other to make a cave. It was one of my many secret retreats. I would always leave something in the cave like a button or ribbon. When I came back the next day it would be gone! Someone, animal or person was taking my cave offerings! Pretty sure it wasn’t a person.

This doesn’t look exactly like my cave but it’s close. Plus I can’t really remember seeing any purple trees in upstate NY.

7 thoughts on “Prelude to Earth

  1. Just fyi the link not working for me get a screen  This website can’t be found. Are you over the soreness of that fall you had in that parking lot? Vicki


  2. Yes, it definitely doesn’t appear to be a person. Very interesting. Its always fun to live in such places. The exploration is just amazing. I used to climb mango trees in the countryside, break raw mangoes and make jungle pickle out of it.
    It was good fun if you add the Mother’s scolds😊😊😊
    I relate so much to your wonderful post

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