Fig Season

Our fig tree produces a bumper crop of fruit this year. There were so many figs that cookies, crumbles and preserves were made several times. All the neighbors were happy to receive a little jar of preserves. The best recipe came from adding the fig preserves to brussel sprouts, mustard and turkey bacon (which could have been regular bacon or prosciutto or no meat at all). So good, that even a member of the family that normally hates brussel sprouts had seconds! Pretty good.

Along with cooking I’ve become obsessed with painting the little plump cuties. Here a couple that I’ve put on my sales site:

Love of Trees

I have a thing for trees, nature, and the earth in general. I was trying to get a family member to understand what I feel about nature. He has never completely accepted my devotion to the planet. I never really tried to explain, I only went on my way painting, planting and talking to birds and marveling at the natural world. Finally, I figured out how to tell him. In fact why hadn’t I said this before? It was so simple. I told him to just pretend the earth is your child. Would you subject it to any harm? No! Of course not. When it was put in terms of something he could relate to (he has a daughter that he’s devoted to) then voila! He got it.

These are some of the new original watercolor cards on my sales site.

BTW, I tried to edit the last post which was almost exactly like this one and somehow deleted the whole thing. Sorry for the repeat.