Passionate, playful, private. Curious, creative, contemplative. Sensitive, serene, silly and shy. Loyal, liberal and logical. My center resides in a place with rich mossy forests or a New York City neighborhood, Chopin and Boccelli to PFunk and E.Sheeran – Music helps the process. Learning to let go keeps me moving from medium to medium.


Nothing should ever get stale with art, nothing redundant unless it moves forward.

Hi! I work in TV, Film and Stills as a makeup artist. After college (fine arts) I wanted to stay true to being an artist but how do you do that survive. That was in the late 70’s. So makeup it is and has remained. However, painting, writing, and embroidery are also constant.

I’m told I need to focus. I’ve been told that by famous people and non famous people since I was a little girl. Can’t. Gotta do it all. Even now as a nearing 60 year old. If I don’t have a creative outlet, I become a, a, a…actually, I don’t know what I become…it’s never happened.

So that is me. Thanks for listening.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. I did like your post but there is no need to post unrelated thank you comments on a post that has nothing to do with that. Please use the contact page in future.

    All the best.


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