The Blue Moon Series


…or as my very adult daughter says about the first one it’s Fairy Cotton Puffs.

Global Warming Weather Selfie

73 degrees so far in the DC area – it’s February 24th – this can’t be right…..but it feels so good.


Maybe Tomorrow

Thinking about a summer walk with my dog.


Walking With Them

Walking with those in Standing Rock. Water Is Life. I’ve signed every petition, prayed every prayer…now what? Water Is Life.waterislife

A Light Snow

Today’s weather selfie. Snow.



Aprons, yes or no?

Do you wear an apron when you cook? I don’t. I have one, but I have never bothered to take the time the put the damn thing on. Why? Why bother? I run into the kitchen after work and begin. There is no dawdling; no pondering the situation, no gazing into the depths of the deep, dark, refrigerator. And no measuring devices will ever taint one of my dishes. Let’s just get the job done! First you open the freezer and check out the meats, and if no meats are being sacrificed, then move on to the vegetable drawer. Easy, sauces, pots, pans, a little of this and that and, voilá, we have a meal!

I’ve been told that I cook the way I paint – with no patience. When I got married, my husband was aghast at how dirty the kitchen became when I cooked. I’m still not sure what he was complaining about. I mean, I always put my ingredients away after I use them. But preparation is like conducting an orchestra. Things splatter, pop, sizzle and fly across the room. I have stopped throwing the spaghetti against the wall to see if it’s done, mostly because our ceilings are really high in the kitchen.

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The Swim

Just a thought….


The Swamp Has Its Virtues

I was going to title this Why Drain the Swamp. But then I thought wait a second I wouldn’t mind draining the stinky, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, rotting parts of the swamp. Otherwise, what’s wrong with the swamp?whydraintheswamp

Feeling A Little Abstract Today

Fun to let go, smear, spray, drip and drizzle paint…


Meet Clever!

I used to make up bedtime stories for my kids.  One story that we all loved was about a a very smart Macaw who adopted a family and then takes them on an adventure to find his home. “Clever” was one of those stories that  survived the test of time (about 25 years since my kids were little). My eldest requested an illustrate version of the story so that she could share it with her children.

Clever is available on Amazon as a softcover real book (remember those?) or as a Digital Download. I hope you enjoy!

Written and illustrated by me!!


Earlier Last Night

I don’t know,  it was the color of the sky, the silhouetted shapes, the setting sun…the picture just had to be taken. It’s not great or anything but there was something whimsical about the berries and the stems they hung on and the rhythm of the leaves.



I had this in mind for today…or any day.


Blue Fun

Watercolor and ink…blue monster fun just for Max (3.5yrs old).


What Gardening To Me Looks Like

This is what I think of  each spring when its time to put in a garden. Overwhelming, all connected, confusing, colorful, mercurial, nonsensical and intimidating. Then I don’t.



Small doodle painting… I like gray and yellow.


Watercolors for a rainy day.



Eagle Over Village, Run For It, Flyer and The Midnight Fisherman

Not great art just a fun exercise. I like to put colors down on paper with nothing in mind, just color…this is what has happened most recently:

20151025_100457-1    runforit             20151025_095711-120151025_095809_003-1

Elephant In The Garden

ElinthegardenSome fun on a day off.

Acrylic Ink!

I’ve been playing with acrylic ink. Who knew? The difference, I’m guessing, is that regular ink is transparent and the acrylic is opaque and a little thick. The result is that I can use a fine tip pen (the dipping kind) over an existing watercolor. foxinthegarden


The Rabbit and the Bloodle

RabbitanddogOdd little watercolor with ink but I love it!

Let It Rain

Rainy yesterday:

let it rainwatercolor, ink, acrylic on paper.


Wildflower Watercolors


Actually watercolor and pen and ink….I’m just feeling watercolors lately.

wpid-20150528_081019-1_wm.jpg    wpid-20150528_081005-1_wm.jpg


Photo Exhibit

I’m having a show at NBC until April 18th. If you’re interested in seeing 30 black and white photos let me know and we can set up a viewing. I’ve decided not to have an opening this time but maybe I’ll have a closing?




The Glass Bottle

I love taking an object or a photograph and using it as inspiration to write a short story. This is very much a children’s story.

20150210_112150The bottle looked empty but was sealed with a cork, wax and an old tattered ribbon. When Harmony found it on the beach, it was hidden between rocks where it had been resting for some time. At ten years old she was absolutely delighted with the object that fit so perfectly in her little hand. Her first thought was to show her father the new treasure, so off she trotted over the rocky shore like a billy goat. Continue reading

Day 5 and I’m sorry to see it go

I never accept “chain” things which this challenge was. However, I really like this one. It’s been a great creative motivator. So thank you John Kavanaugh! Anyway,  in order not to break the chain I have to nominate two others. I think Lucy Kagen Mullineaux would get a kick out of this as would William B.Plowman. Enjoy guys! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This happened during lunch today. So simple and yet with no other props, decoration or lighting it rang true telling its story of age and survival.


Day 4 of the Black and White Challenge

Turkey Tail Mushrooms.


Day 2

5 days of Black and White Photo Challenge Day 2



Painting of the Day

I am playing with paint and style. This one was just fun palette knife play along with a blush brush. Yes, I did say that. In fact many of my makeup brushes were purchased at the art store. Why not, right? Anyway, the big blush brushes are great for blending as in the clouds behind the trees and wispy grass in the foreground. When I finish a painting, like this – an experimental painting, it feels like just getting off a carnival ride. Up, down, spinning, speed…somehow this one little painting had all of that. Weeee!


Beasties of Burden

Framing my watercolors and embroideries has become too expensive. I can’t seem to sell everything either, so I’m left with a lot of framed pieces with no home. I thought of a way around this problem and still be able to continue doing my stitching. That would be with my little flying moths and birds which I’ve shown in previous posts. However, I felt like they needed a purpose or a story. This is what I came up with, as a small tag that would come with the critter:

Beastie of BurdenOttomanGuy9978

When my children where little and didn’t feel well, I would tell them to give their sore throats and tummy aches to Henry. He was a puppet that hung from the ceiling. They imagined their illness, no matter what it was, all balled up in an imaginary sack. Then they would give that bundle to Henry. He would fly their burdens to a distant place where illness and worry would turn to dust and disappear. My Beasties of Burden are just like Henry and come in all shapes and sizes. They are sure to fly your troubles away! They actually work beautifully for adults as well as children. All it takes is a few minutes and a little imagination.

MothaWashington9966Okay, thoughts? Are there any marketing people out there that would like to give an artist some free advice? Even if the advice is to stop trying to be an artist…I can take it…really.

From Last Entry

The giant moth in the last entry became Motha Stewart and thus began the series. Included are Motha Washington, Mothachussetts and so on….They’re on my website However, because it ’tis the season or soon to be, we have Merry Christmoth!



What happens at the timberline? Wind, snow, bears, frost, unfathomable quiet? Timberline

A Great Art Show Was Had By All

What a fun weekend!!!

The weather was spectacular, the artists were all happy and full of life and the shoppers/guests were talkative. The music Sunday night on the village green was funky blues which made people even cheerier. I was dead exhausted from an early call Sunday morning but it didn’t matter! It was so stunningly beautiful outside. I did okay in sales…sold four pieces, that’s pretty good but  more than that I had a lot of encouragement and favorable attention from the other artists! That was like pure gold – peer acceptance and approval – wow!! Continue reading

My Best Worst Piece

Just playing around….not great art but my statement. Hopefully nature will take over. Can you tell that’s a snake?

Garden of Eden

Blue Ribbon

I can’t remember ever winning a blue ribbon in anything before so I made one for myself. It’s the blue ribbon for surviving this long.

Blue Ribbon For Continued Survival

Best in Overall Survival

Best in Overall Survival

Closet stuffers or Insulation?

windy sunflowers      So many little paintings and drawings around….what to do with them all?After It Rains

Beneath A Lily pad

Beneath A Lily pad

bubble play 24″ x 30″

Going With Purple

Couldn’t resit the purple denim for the background.

White Peacock

image size 8″x10″:


 Snow Day

Snow Day