Sleep, nothing but sleep.

I can’t wake up Upsa.  Hope she isn’t depressed about her looks or her job skills.  It’s been hard for her to get permanent work and the next thing she’s considering is going back to school. It’s particularly hard for a daisy to go back after having been away for so long. Especially Upsa who never really had much direction except for dancing.When she wakes up I’ll suggest a hip hop class and see if that motivates her.

See ya in a week or two!

Wind Energy – Upsa goes green

Going Nuclear

Painful out there….hard to grasp the consequences or the severity. What will they do with all the water that’s now contaminated…it’s not like it a cup or even a gallon…it’s a lakes worth of radiated water…when do we say enough and pour money into resources with no toxic by-products?

Spring, missing in action

Upsa Seaweed

Upsa tries out beig seaweed

So What Else Is New?

Upsa Everyday

Upsa Daisy

Upsa at it again.

When A Real Flower Turns Plastic

I’ve had a petal peel, lip and leaf augmentation and tipping, stem cinch and split and of course I’ve had my lips, eyeliner and blush permanently stained. Botox is a must and I wouldn’t be seen without my roots wrapped and died pink. My eyes are now lavender, and I have permanent eyelashes.


No wall flower here, by golly!

Upsa Identity

I suck as a rose. But you’re not a rose.


Yes I am. My name is Rose. But….I don’t even smell pretty.

Here’s a mirror.

Hey, I’m not a Rose!

What am I?

I’m a pans…dais…lily…aster…sunflow…

Pandaililyastersun…Pandailily Flower…

Pandalil (that’s pretty!).

I know!

I’m a Panda!!

Hello world! I’m a Panda!

I hate to tell you this but you can’t be a panda.

Why not? I am a Panda!

Because this is a panda:

pffft. I suck as a panda.

Skinny Jeans and Coffee

Need coffee

Skinny Jeans

More skinny jeans

Too early