The New More Odoriferous Me

Can I tell you a thrilling aspect of corona induced isolation that you might not have considered?

Two pieces of background you need to understand the thrill. First, you have to know that for decades I’ve worked as makeup artist in film and television. Second, to understand my perspective you would either have to be a woman, a tv reporter, tv correspondent, an actor, or a television pundit.

Ladies first: Have you ever gotten your makeup done at a department store and your artist smelled like he or she had eaten a pile of Roquefort cheese from the compost pile? No. The answer is no you have not! They are a scrubbed cleaned and polished, always hyper aware of their personal hygiene, their appearance, smile, and whether there is any possibility of emitting offensive odors. It’s a thing. This is for obvious reasons especially so we don’t turn off any current or potential clients because of a slight miscalculation from a night of pungent odor producing debauchery. Before work it’s an intense workout of showering, and the heavy lifting all the various personal cleaning products needed for the kind of clean, freshness required to be in close proximity with others.

So imagine this; for the last 40 some years in tv and film I was one of those conscientious stylists. Out of respect for my guests (sometimes called victims – playfully of course) I wouldn’t eat garlic for dinner the night before or heaven forbid at lunch during a shoot! And if I did happen to eat the pungent herb(bulb, vegetable?) during the week, or a Sunday night, I would apologize profusely the next day as I did someone’s makeup at arm’s length (hard to do). I’d lightheartedly say, “I’m sorry, pardon my garlic hang-over.” They would laugh and say: oh I don’t smell a thing, but that would be because I would be holding my breath in between eyelash applications.

Now for the first time in decades because of isolation, I am using far less products, mostly just soap, shampoo, modest amounts of deodorant and…fanfare please…I can freely eat as much garlic as I want!!! I’m so excited for the first time in years I can really reek and I don’t have to apologize!!!  

I never thought about this before but now I can eat garlic anytime I want because of current mask-wearing-etiquette. My clients will think I’m just being politically correct! Genius, thank you covid 19, you just made a huge change in my life, that is if I ever get my job back.

Walnut Tomato Pesto

Walnut Tomato Pesto

1 cup of walnuts

1 cup of cherry tomatoes

3 or 4 pieces of sun dried tomatoes but a bit of their oil

Fresh Basil about a handful (dried about ½ cup)

¼ cup of white wine

1 cap full of white vinegar

¼ cup olive oil

1 teaspoon of salt or to taste


Parmesan or Romano to sprinkle on top

1 lb of spaghetti

1 cup or so of the water from the spaghetti once the spaghetti is done

Put walnuts in the blender  or food processor first to grind up as much as possible. Put in the rest of the ingredients (except for the spaghetti).  Drizzle the olive oil in last. It should come out only slightly smoother than chunky style peanut butter. A few bits of this and that are fine.

When spaghetti is cooked don’t rinse and put it back in the pot. Mix in as much of the pesto as you like along with the reserved water to make pesto and pasta mix well together.

This can also be used on a hunk of toasted ciabatta or other peasant bread. Add some sprouts and thinly sliced tomatoes. Or without the sprouts you could broil it or not still yummy good!

Hearty Winter Soup – Mom’s Favorite

2 Leeks

1 Large Onion

1 Cup of Mung Beans (Dahl or split peas will work too)

1 Large sweet potato

1 large zucchini

4 scallions

1 Package of chicken sausage with herbs or with sun dried tomato

¼ Cabbage shredded, I had Bok Choy on hand that had to be used up and worked too

Olive oil to cover the bottom of a heavy, large, stock pot

2 Tablespoons of Better Than Bouillon chicken base

2 Pints of water

Salt if needed

Ground Pepper before serving

a drop of Sherry or a dollop of sour cream a the end.

Cut leeks in half and wash under running water to get all the sand out. Trim bottom and cut thin moon shapes out of the whole thing including the green. Put in stock pot with olive oil add chopped onion and sauté until the onion caramelizes.

Add the four sausages also cut in half length wise and then into little moons. Sauté with the onions and leeks.

Add the chicken base and water

Peel and cut up the sweet potato and add that to stock pot along with the mung beans and cabbage.

cook until mung beans are soft and mushy. You can add water to this as needed to make it soupy or leave it thick and stew like.

15 minutes before you serve add the zucchini

The Decadent Breakfast

I rarely eat dinner, maybe a light snack but never a full meal. By morning I’m starving and go all out. This morning though, my normal huge bowl of fruit, yogurt, granola, toast, egg white, turkey bacon thing just wasn’t enough. Searching the fridge the only thing that popped into sight were raisin bagels. I

Bagel and Chocolate

Chocolate for breakfast

still had some coffee and thought this could be a kind of soft biscotti and proceeded to toast the bagel and then smear it with an organic no fat chocolate sauce made out of pears and cocoa. The toasty warmth of the bagel helped melt the chocolate to a shiny glaze and the result was heavenly. A touch of peanut butter and it would have reminded me of the old candy bar called Chunky. Do they still have those? YUM!

Tomorrow perhaps we will try agave, chocolate and peanut butter.