I started this embroidery a long time ago and decided it needed something. Fun but, meh, who cares.

It was just wrong. So I cut it up.

It’s beginning to have a little intrigue. Should I make it into a book, a sculpture, a mobile or a framed piece. Like I said, I’m stuck. Help!!

You’re allowed to say throw it away, or spray paint it black and go with texture instead of color. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you 😁

Mixed Up

Mostly watercolors but also some acrylic ink and granulation medium. So fun!! Now I want to go buys all the acrylic ink colors.

Feeling A Little Abstract Today

Fun to let go, smear, spray, drip and drizzle paint…



I had this in mind for today…or any day.



Small doodle painting… I like gray and yellow.


Acrylic Ink!

I’ve been playing with acrylic ink. Who knew? The difference, I’m guessing, is that regular ink is transparent and the acrylic is opaque and a little thick. The result is that I can use a fine tip pen (the dipping kind) over an existing watercolor. foxinthegarden


Eddies without pearls

…but I think I want to add three dimensional pearls to this somehow….a string of pearls or maybe just randomly placed. I’ve been sewing on canvas, perhaps I should sew some pearls on this…? I’ll publish the embroidery painting in a few minutes.


Canvas and water soluble oils 24 x 30

Waterfall Abstract

Yes, I guess I’d still call it an abstract. Although maybe it should be called the awkward landscape. It’s still wet, maybe I can play with it more.

24″ x 30″

The Awkward Landscape

The Awkward Landscape

A Body In Motion

A body in motion30″ x 40″

Making the Jump to Abstract

So much fun!! I wish I had more time to devote to it. I’ve been struggling for decades with letting go of preconceived ideas of shape and form. Now I want to have just a minimal suggestion of those things and that for me is the hard part. This one feels a little like cave painting… I really like how it turned out.

The Conversation and is 30″ x 40″ in water-soluble oils.


Follow the bouncing ball


Typical of me to switch mediums mid-stream but I found the instant gratification of colored pencil too enticing to resist.

my bridge

I’ve been painting abstract little paintings…perhaps I’ll post one here but in the meantime I’ve done and abstract-ish embroidery….I love bridges and so here is my version:

Maybe it needs a little ironing and better lighting…