Looking for Spring

On my daily walks with our dog, I saw some crocuses. Spring is just around the corner. So fun when all the color bursts out of the ground and from the trees! It made me want to do a loose, free painting.

I liked that one so much I did another!

I love just swinging the brush around!! Splash, swipe, sketch, sketch….voila!!

Mixed Up

Mostly watercolors but also some acrylic ink and granulation medium. So fun!! Now I want to go buys all the acrylic ink colors.

Eagle Over Village, Run For It, Flyer and The Midnight Fisherman

Not great art just a fun exercise. I like to put colors down on paper with nothing in mind, just color…this is what has happened most recently:

20151025_100457-1    runforit             20151025_095711-120151025_095809_003-1

Elephant In The Garden

ElinthegardenSome fun on a day off.

Let It Rain

Rainy yesterday:

let it rainwatercolor, ink, acrylic on paper.