I started this embroidery a long time ago and decided it needed something. Fun but, meh, who cares.

It was just wrong. So I cut it up.

It’s beginning to have a little intrigue. Should I make it into a book, a sculpture, a mobile or a framed piece. Like I said, I’m stuck. Help!!

You’re allowed to say throw it away, or spray paint it black and go with texture instead of color. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you 😁

Beasties of Burden

Framing my watercolors and embroideries has become too expensive. I can’t seem to sell everything either, so I’m left with a lot of framed pieces with no home. I thought of a way around this problem and still be able to continue doing my stitching. That would be with my little flying moths and birds which I’ve shown in previous posts. However, I felt like they needed a purpose or a story. This is what I came up with, as a small tag that would come with the critter:

Beastie of BurdenOttomanGuy9978

When my children where little and didn’t feel well, I would tell them to give their sore throats and tummy aches to Henry. He was a puppet that hung from the ceiling. They imagined their illness, no matter what it was, all balled up in an imaginary sack. Then they would give that bundle to Henry. He would fly their burdens to a distant place where illness and worry would turn to dust and disappear. My Beasties of Burden are just like Henry and come in all shapes and sizes. They are sure to fly your troubles away! They actually work beautifully for adults as well as children. All it takes is a few minutes and a little imagination.

MothaWashington9966Okay, thoughts? Are there any marketing people out there that would like to give an artist some free advice? Even if the advice is to stop trying to be an artist…I can take it…really.

A little of this and that

Just a fun mish-mash of buttons, old embroidered pieces, jeans and abphoto. Like a stream of consciousness.

Dress up….or down.

I’ve been working way too much, however, lucky me in my business it’s a “hurry up and wait” kind of deal….so during the ‘waits’ this is what happens. These are two pocketbooks or shoulder bags….what do they call the ones that hang over across the chest…messenger bags or something like that….


searching for one more element

Gel transfer, buttons, rope? I never feel like they’re complete.

This one finally is. I posted it before it was done but I think this is the final. BTW, this looks a little warped in the picture only, not in real-life(not sure why):

Now the question is mounting these things. I have some ideas but I think I’m lazy. I don’t want to make them into pillows, or do I? Wall pieces maybe? I don’t know.

Learning the ropes


Actually it would be learning the floss but I couldn’t help it. This piece was done early on. Several issues are the puckering, which can probably blocked out (I have know idea if that’s true or not) and I did it freehand and feel pretty good about that. These pieces I’m showing are all about getting to know the materials and the stitches. I’m beginning to branch out with both. In the meantime…baby steps.