I started this embroidery a long time ago and decided it needed something. Fun but, meh, who cares.

It was just wrong. So I cut it up.

It’s beginning to have a little intrigue. Should I make it into a book, a sculpture, a mobile or a framed piece. Like I said, I’m stuck. Help!!

You’re allowed to say throw it away, or spray paint it black and go with texture instead of color. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you 😁

Going With Purple

Couldn’t resit the purple denim for the background.

White Peacock

image size 8″x10″:


 Snow Day

Snow Day

An abstract for a throw pillow



I find it hard to let go and just put color and feelings together. Every once in a while I feel like I get close. This one is close but it’s empty somehow…not sure what would make it have more depth….thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I’m the perpetual student always looking for tips and guidance….Thank you in advance.

Baby Pillow

As a new grandma, I just had to make something for the little guy. My daughter and her husband call each other bunny. The theme at their wedding was all about bunnies so naturally the first thing that came to mind with the materials I had was a ….:

Watercolor and embroidery

Way too bright for me but fun on some level.

Iowa took me eight hours

I did this embroidery at work. Should I admit that? In freezing cold studio, waiting to do touchups on two fellas that talked about wildlife conservation and their part in to 30 or so radio and tv stations. Fascinating but freezing! my hands
could hardly move.
(p s I’m doing this from the phone for the first time – lets see if I can get the picture of the piece in here)


Liking the direction and the combination of paper, watercolor and embroidery but not sure if I got this one right or not. I think I need to add more trees or something. Something is missing and not sure what it is yet.




The long bus ride

This was the result of the Chinatown Bus and my daughters little piece of knitting that she no longer needed. Like a test piece I guess or maybe there was a knot in it…who knows, I used it. Not really sure how I feel about this piece but here it is anyway:

my bridge

I’ve been painting abstract little paintings…perhaps I’ll post one here but in the meantime I’ve done and abstract-ish embroidery….I love bridges and so here is my version:

Maybe it needs a little ironing and better lighting…

searching for one more element

Gel transfer, buttons, rope? I never feel like they’re complete.

This one finally is. I posted it before it was done but I think this is the final. BTW, this looks a little warped in the picture only, not in real-life(not sure why):

Now the question is mounting these things. I have some ideas but I think I’m lazy. I don’t want to make them into pillows, or do I? Wall pieces maybe? I don’t know.

Close up

a closer view of the previous post:

Vintage Penny Design

1971 very trippie/hippie embroidery design. I was about 15 at the time doing an internship for  a high school program (free school/school without walls type thing) for a very hip little clothing store in Coconut Grove, Fla. We had to convert old jeans into long denim skirts or jean shorts into skirts. There was a lot of plain old mending of old Hawaiian shirts,  creating pocket books and bags from jeans and although it was a bit of a sweat shop, I enjoyed it. There were just a few of us sewing and it was a very  shabby chic atmosphere enough so that I was inspired to design this embroidery.  What intrigues me most is that I was going to undertake such an elaborate design. I think the original intent was to sew it to the back of a denim jacket and who knows what happened. Why did I stop? In some way I kind of like it half finished.

Kind of hip and groovy huh? Notice the hookah to the right? What was I thinking???