Trying to be Random

Sometimes the camera on the cell phone turns on by itself. If I were paranoid I’d say someone was watching me through that innocent little lens. An actual picture is rarely taken but sometimes I’m feeling a little exposed (pun unintentionally intended). I’m sure it’s just my clumsy handling of a delicate piece of technology, like a butt dial. Is there a name for that like a cheap shot or something?

In any case, some of the random shots were intriguing enough that I felt the whole shoot-at-will thing needed some more study. What I found out is that being “random” on purpose is really hard! It was almost painful to not compose the picture, not adjust the surroundings and so on. Could it be that I just can’t let go of my “eye” and the need to make the shot right? Maybe that takes a certain type of personality. Someone that can let go of control. And here I thought I was just that loosey-goosey-artist-type that could do that. Nope, apparently not. But I’m going to keep try until I get bored with it.

I will be trying this again. Standby….

Pain in the Pane

How exciting for a lowly cook-only-at-home type of cook to see the inside of the White House kitchen! Actually seeing the inside of most any industrial or commercial type of kitchen is kind of cool. Crazy energy, dreamy aromas, fancy plating, and the quantities! So much fun to observe, I have no idea what it could be like in real life when a kitchen is going full tilt, except for what they show in the movies or television. On this particular day, the Today Show was doing a spot with Giada DeLarentiis and I was hired to do her makeup. I am very pleased to announce that this is a down to earth, upbeat, optimistic and a cheery-as-she-is-beautiful, person. We were there to do an interview with the First Lady (are we supposed to capitalize that?) and more importantly with the first female chef, Cristeta Pasia Comerford or as we were instructed to call her Chris. Continue reading

Cornered in the Makeup room

Makeup artists in the tv and film industry are like therapist or doctors. Everything said is confidential. I don’t tell the media (even though I am right there in the same building) and they don’t ask. There are no signed confidentiality agreements or even a casual conversation about it. What goes on in the makeup room stays in the makeup room, to borrow a phrase.
With both actors and politicians the talk is mostly benign. Kids, the weather, current events but rarely about religion and if it is about politics it is mostly superficial, bipartisan or otherwise harmless. Richard Nixon talked about his dog, Joe Biden had wonderful stories about his mom. Sometimes they tell me what it is they will be covering on an upcoming show but I can’t remember a time that I was lectured to, until recently. Continue reading