A Googol of Mensa

Hi, I’m uneducated. Umm, well, I did go to college, several times. I called it “adult kindergarten.” I was an art major most of the time which explains a lot. Finished with an undergrad in Psych. So maybe I’m just naïve, unworldly, sheltered and unabashedly think it’s okay to ask dumb questions.

You need that background before I begin inquiring how much I don’t know about the Mensa organization or its members. I am curious about a lot of things. Like, are they considered a “society” or an “association”? Maybe they are thoimagesught of as a “herd” or a “pride” of Mensa folk. I like that a group of zebra are called a “dazzle,”maybe they would consider being called a Dazzle of Mensa? That sounds pretty lofty, kind of special in a spectacular, glittery way, don’t you think? Continue reading

A Life Time of Stupid

I started to think about the times in my life when I did something stupid, acted stupidly, reacted, or blurted out something brainless. I could go back a few days ago and find multiple examples but then I realized I could go back months, years and then the big realization was that I could go back decades and list stupid things all day long, every day, this was going to be way too painfully easy, really…painful. Continue reading