I started this embroidery a long time ago and decided it needed something. Fun but, meh, who cares.

It was just wrong. So I cut it up.

It’s beginning to have a little intrigue. Should I make it into a book, a sculpture, a mobile or a framed piece. Like I said, I’m stuck. Help!!

You’re allowed to say throw it away, or spray paint it black and go with texture instead of color. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you 😁

Going With Purple

Couldn’t resit the purple denim for the background.

White Peacock

image size 8″x10″:


 Snow Day

Snow Day

New Interest

Now onto something you’ll really like (hopefully). I have found yet another medium that fascinates me. Embroidery! I’m not sure where my other interests go like the photography, painting, cartooning or even writing. I don’t think they ever die completely. In fact, the last time I did an embroidery it must have been when I was in high school. I will try to find it and post it. If nothing else I love the style change.

These are a few beginning pieces. They are very small just a few inches across. My favorite is this one. Perhaps because it uses and old earring and it’s a little more three dimensional than the rest.