Looking for Spring

On my daily walks with our dog, I saw some crocuses. Spring is just around the corner. So fun when all the color bursts out of the ground and from the trees! It made me want to do a loose, free painting.

I liked that one so much I did another!

I love just swinging the brush around!! Splash, swipe, sketch, sketch….voila!!

Painting of the Day

I am playing with paint and style. This one was just fun palette knife play along with a blush brush. Yes, I did say that. In fact many of my makeup brushes were purchased at the art store. Why not, right? Anyway, the big blush brushes are great for blending as in the clouds behind the trees and wispy grass in the foreground. When I finish a painting, like this – an experimental painting, it feels like just getting off a carnival ride. Up, down, spinning, speed…somehow this one little painting had all of that. Weeee!