Love Letter

I’m slowly adding a few more paintings and cards to my site. I had a friend that died recently. He had a temper at times but he was loyal as heck. We laughed and ate dim sum and helped each other through life. To my friend – This card says: I have a prickly side, don’t we all? I’m blowing through life but I can blush red with love and loyalty. – where I thought it would be fun to mail original art to you friends and loved ones.

Momentary Quarantine

Nothing else to do but isolate in my studio while waiting for a covid test result for my 98yr old mother. I had just visited her and she wore a mask that was way too big. I spent maybe 10 minutes adjusting her mask and discussing her laundry that I was dropping off.

The test was negative! I kind of liked spending deafening alone time. Door closed with nothing to do but paint. The 24 hr wait was a little unsettling. I two big thoughts. Food. Who would feed me? My husband is not into food at all and I am 🙂

The other thought was that I felt sorry that the family would be burdened with all my artwork if I were to die. Lunch first though!

Illustrations for my book

I’ve been working on and off on this book for months. Maybe it’s been a year or more, I’ve lost track. In any case, I have the bulk of it done but can’t help but add and subtract pictures. My husband, desperately trying to learn In-design, cringes every time I want to make a change. I’m so sorry, really I am.

The book is an easy reader, for ages 7 to 9. Most of the time publishers don’t want illustrations for that age or if they do, drawings are simple. Since I haven’t found an agent or publisher, I’m doing this on my own and not paying attention to publishing guidelines (standard me behavior).

Here is the problem. I started with a picture like the one below. At first making a simple magnifying glass, then deciding I could make it a little more interesting. And so it goes…one picture after the other.

What that means is that, if nothing else I’m enjoying the process.

img_2712             img_2733


A Light Snow

Today’s weather selfie. Snow.




I had this in mind for today…or any day.


Let It Rain

Rainy yesterday:

let it rainwatercolor, ink, acrylic on paper.


Painting of the Day

I am playing with paint and style. This one was just fun palette knife play along with a blush brush. Yes, I did say that. In fact many of my makeup brushes were purchased at the art store. Why not, right? Anyway, the big blush brushes are great for blending as in the clouds behind the trees and wispy grass in the foreground. When I finish a painting, like this – an experimental painting, it feels like just getting off a carnival ride. Up, down, spinning, speed…somehow this one little painting had all of that. Weeee!


Waterfall Abstract

Yes, I guess I’d still call it an abstract. Although maybe it should be called the awkward landscape. It’s still wet, maybe I can play with it more.

24″ x 30″

The Awkward Landscape

The Awkward Landscape

fluid movement

fluid movement

color play sorry about the flash, I will take a better picture later. I’d love to hear any thoughts. 24″ x30″

Playing With Photoshop

Winter photoshop play as I wait for a phone call:


Winter Photoshop Play