Snow as Art

I couldn’t resist an early morning walk after a tiny bit of snow. With just this smattering of white, everything had a magical look. The sun is just starting to come out. I might have to try again with that warm, buttery, yellow, fill light to help.

Trying to be Random

Sometimes the camera on the cell phone turns on by itself. If I were paranoid I’d say someone was watching me through that innocent little lens. An actual picture is rarely taken but sometimes I’m feeling a little exposed (pun unintentionally intended). I’m sure it’s just my clumsy handling of a delicate piece of technology, like a butt dial. Is there a name for that like a cheap shot or something?

In any case, some of the random shots were intriguing enough that I felt the whole shoot-at-will thing needed some more study. What I found out is that being “random” on purpose is really hard! It was almost painful to not compose the picture, not adjust the surroundings and so on. Could it be that I just can’t let go of my “eye” and the need to make the shot right? Maybe that takes a certain type of personality. Someone that can let go of control. And here I thought I was just that loosey-goosey-artist-type that could do that. Nope, apparently not. But I’m going to keep try until I get bored with it.

I will be trying this again. Standby….

Out For a Walk

Could it be any more beautiful out today? Warm, sunny, dry, but not too warm. How unusual for DC!

Leaf Lace

Little branch of lacy leaves. As a shadow, on a wet rock and in front of the garage door.

Day 3 B&W photo challenge

At home sick…again, temp @ 100.3. I know, weak immune system I guess….In any case, the show must go on…so here is day 3. P1020382

Day 2

5 days of Black and White Photo Challenge Day 2



Astor Place

When I go to NYC, I come home to DC utterly exhausted. Even if I’m dead tired I just can’t sit still or relax for very long. Something magical in the city will slip by if I stay back at the house and have a cup of tea. It’s crazy but I have to be out there walking around! Photographing people, is tough for me, I’m too shy to ask if it’s okay to take their picture and not sneaky enough to do it on the sly. So instead I convince myself that I’m better at artsy stuff like the merge where the horizon connects with the land. It can be buildings or nature but that line has always fascinated me and it doesn’t talk back or want a copy or need a release to be signed. It just exists waiting to be noticed.

Astor Place, NYC

Astor Place, NYC