Momentary Quarantine

Nothing else to do but isolate in my studio while waiting for a covid test result for my 98yr old mother. I had just visited her and she wore a mask that was way too big. I spent maybe 10 minutes adjusting her mask and discussing her laundry that I was dropping off.

The test was negative! I kind of liked spending deafening alone time. Door closed with nothing to do but paint. The 24 hr wait was a little unsettling. I two big thoughts. Food. Who would feed me? My husband is not into food at all and I am ūüôā

The other thought was that I felt sorry that the family would be burdened with all my artwork if I were to die. Lunch first though!

Meet Clever!

I used to make up bedtime stories for my kids. ¬†One story that we all loved was about a a very smart¬†Macaw who adopted a family and then takes them on an¬†adventure to find his home. “Clever” was one of those stories that ¬†survived the test of time (about 25¬†years since my kids were little). My eldest requested an¬†illustrate version of the story so that she could share it with her children.

Clever is available on Amazon as a softcover real book (remember those?) or as a Digital Download. I hope you enjoy!

Written and illustrated by me!!


Wildflower Watercolors


Actually watercolor and pen and ink….I’m just feeling watercolors lately.

wpid-20150528_081019-1_wm.jpg    wpid-20150528_081005-1_wm.jpg