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5 day – 5 Bl&Wh photos

I’ve been challenged (all my life). This time by a photo opportunity. It’s five days with one black and white photo a day. Day 1 and I had several choices I wanted to post but this one struck me. Shooting both inside and out (freezing out there) this is the one that felt like it created questions or had a story to go along with it.



Max was the consummate rust collector. For as long as I can remember my Uncle collected rusted objects from his island in Maine and brought some of  them to his stone courtyard in NYC. I’ve gotten the bug too, always looking down on city streets or in junk piles hoping to find the coolest rusted shape buried and thought of as trash. Thus the reason for some of my embroideries embellished with rusted bottle caps and other chunks of oxidized metal. Here is only one out of hundreds of pieces in the courtyard. Not only is the piece itself engaging but the rust running down the white makes for a complete story of texture, color and shape. I’ll post more one at a time….:

Coils Against Brick

Going With Purple

Couldn’t resit the purple denim for the background.

White Peacock

image size 8″x10″:


 Snow Day

Snow Day

Hearty Winter Soup – Mom’s Favorite

2 Leeks

1 Large Onion

1 Cup of Mung Beans (Dahl or split peas will work too)

1 Large sweet potato

1 large zucchini

4 scallions

1 Package of chicken sausage with herbs or with sun dried tomato

¼ Cabbage shredded, I had Bok Choy on hand that had to be used up and worked too

Olive oil to cover the bottom of a heavy, large, stock pot

2 Tablespoons of Better Than Bouillon chicken base

2 Pints of water

Salt if needed

Ground Pepper before serving

a drop of Sherry or a dollop of sour cream a the end.

Cut leeks in half and wash under running water to get all the sand out. Trim bottom and cut thin moon shapes out of the whole thing including the green. Put in stock pot with olive oil add chopped onion and sauté until the onion caramelizes.

Add the four sausages also cut in half length wise and then into little moons. Sauté with the onions and leeks.

Add the chicken base and water

Peel and cut up the sweet potato and add that to stock pot along with the mung beans and cabbage.

cook until mung beans are soft and mushy. You can add water to this as needed to make it soupy or leave it thick and stew like.

15 minutes before you serve add the zucchini

Sea Living

At the edge of the ocean was life. Ya know, like everyday life, people and animals. It is where we live, what we see when we wake up in the morning, that kind of life. But we all, all of humanity lived right where the waves broke, right at the shore. Millions of people doing their thing, washing dishes, doing the laundry, writing checks and doing other business things that people do all the time. The waves would come and crash over us, our papers would float nearby, our dishes hovered just below the surface and we’d all brace ourselves for the under current. It keeps us from the shore, no one ever goes on dry land. The waves crash at us making us tumble onto stinging sand and scratchy pieces of coral and shell getting us close but never close enough to grab onto anything. Even if we got to the beach, I’m not sure we would know what to do with it. Stand up, Sit down? There was no information about it and we never saw onto the coast much beyond the highest tide. In any case, getting ashore didn’t seem to be anyone’s goal. Continue reading

Mascara Mercury Free

Did you know that most mascara has a ton of toxic chemicals in it, including mercury?! It does, except for the few companies that have signed with the campaign for safe cosmetics. If they sign, they make a pledge to keep it clean and green. That’s quite a pledge and commitment and I celebrate their undertaking and vow.

I have two favorite companies right now that have signed up with the campaign. Josie Moran, who makes great use of Argon oil in her lush creamy products. You can find her at Sophora. Jane Iredale is a little harder to find, sometimes at salons and sometimes in health food stores, but you can always go on-line.

Of the two I actually prefer Jane Iredale’s. Why, you might ask? Believe it or not it’s because of the packaging. Honestly. She puts her mascara in a little squeezy tube instead of a stiff hard tube. With a hard tube you have to scrape and bend the wand to get to the last bits and you never know how much is actually still left in container. By putting it in the soft tube, kind of like a mini toothpaste tube, it’s easy to squeeze out the last drops of mascara, using all the contents you paid for….genius!