Lessons From the Art Studio Tour

I’m so honored when friends stop in to support me at the art show and say hello. But boy am I uncomfortable selling my art to them. Don’t you give stuff to friends? I love my friends and want to give to them, not take their money. . It’s the way I give gifts, which I don’t otherwise give. I really suck at gift giving. So this is really perfect…isn’t it? They pick out what they like, I give it to them – everyone’s happy!! When I explain that, the thought and sentiment behind it, is brushed off.

Then to top it off I had one young lady fall in love with a painting. When she asked how much I wanted for it she lost it. “That’s too low!” she gasped “It should be at least double what you have marked here!” …and then proceeded to pay the lower price. ( -.- shrugg). oh well.

Okay big lesson – add ten dollars to each tag. ok, $20. but that’s as high as I’ll go!

The top picture and at the bottom of the other pic, is a new little kids book I’m working on. It’s about an Ant and an Elephant. Before it’s even done I’ve gotten some interest. Actually someone wanted to buy that unfinished little sketch book. Wohoo! They also like the one about the seagull that gets kicked out of Bologna cartel. He then gets a kid to help flood the market with bolgna to ruin his former comrades. Once that’s done, he starts a new gang that seeks out and hords peanut butter….something like that.

7 thoughts on “Lessons From the Art Studio Tour

  1. I share your uneasiness in selling art to friends. I had an artist friend purchase art this weekend and then return with of piece of his art as a gift to me. YIKES. Gotta figure a way to repay that gesture! Looks like you and your work made an appearance on the tour. YEAH. I love Guru Sangat’s studio. Toughest part of being on the tour is not seeing all the venues. Best, Pat

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    • You know, I wasn’t going to do the show at all and on Thursday Dean put out a notice saying that someone had a family emergency and couldn’t make it. So I answered the call.


  2. I love your work. I’m having a joint show early next year and already struggling with the same issues. I think part of it is respecting and valuing yourself, and by implication your works, and putting prices to match… Admittedly I don’t care whether I sell anything. 😸


    • Hey Steve, that’s so sweet, thank you! Yes I do understand the issue of valuing my time and energy but I love giving something that I made. It’s so much more of a gift that way. Now having said that, I don’t mind selling to people coming to a show that I don’t know. Their interest and appreciation is a great validation of my work. What work will you be showing, the poetry matched with your computer pictures? That would be fascinating. Anyway nice to hear that you like my stuff, much appreciated!

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      • Sorry, I didn’t answer your question, I only imagined I did. 😜 There will be a bit of my poetry around the place (the topic will be the future of the planet), and as well as my own works, there will be the works by the other artists, and joint works where I have digitally evolved their originals. Should be fun.


          • I’ve found it’s usually best to evolve original artworks that tend towards abstract, and not total realism. Yes, there will be some diptych, and possibly triptych, works comparing before and after, and a couple of looped videos that show the whole process. The (very small) event will be held here in Sydney, and hopefully with a web presence as well.

            I’m hoping it will go ahead. There are still some complications that need to be resolved. One is my time…


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