To Group or Not

 Having never willingly been in a group I have no idea what they do. Do they talk only about the one particular thing that they all have in common and have signed up for, or are there groups that cover several subjects at a time? Maybe that’s the way to start slowly so I don’t have to show off my much unpracticed critical thinking skills. Then before giving the all-important thought (that only extroverts can do) I can jump to the other subject.  Perhaps, a Bird Watching and Sauerkraut Making or how about Dart Enthusiasts that like to Olive Oil (whatever that means). Even better, The Little Old Cat Ladies that Trampoline. Now that would fun! Not only trampolineing but maybe on how to dress up our cats for the experience!

 Of course I’m just making stuff up, but what if I decided that I want to talk about edible garden weeds, and sea anemones, how do I start? Do I just say hey I’ve got an idea let’s discuss whether sea urchins would like to eat dandelion sandwiches, on a blog and see if anyone shows interest? Or do I have to see if that particular group already exists? Does google have all the answers to this?

I did do a tiny bit of research and didn’t find too much on that particular pairing. There are, of course, cat lady groups, but all they do is show pictures of their cute kitties. I don’t think they discuss anything else like wood carving. Just cats 24/7. I don’t know, I’m just not convinced I could think “cat” all day long.

You get my point. So here’s an experiment.  How about I start a group called the Association of Group Makers?  Then we could all sit around inventing odd ball groups for other people join. Then they would join and I wouldn’t have to! There would of course be all the folks that are sitting around with me in the Association of Group Makers. This is a lot of joining, I think I’m ready to go home and introvert.

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