Which Medium Will Do

I wrote a sweet little children’s book and am trying to decide what medium and style to use. It would be nice if the backgrounds didn’t overwhelm the main character – a cat. I’ve tried pen and ink and it was just a little too boring for a kids book for this particular story. Colored pencil mixed with graphite has captured my interest lately but I’m not totally convinced. Without knowing the story I can’t really ask for thoughts but I’d thought I’d share what I’ve been working on.

7 thoughts on “Which Medium Will Do

  1. Why is this so cute and adorable? I don’t think the background is overwhelming the character. And if anything I think you should go with the style because I think it really suits you. It’s so beautiful and distinctive and I’m absolutely certain you would find your readers will enjoy it.


      • I was playing with pastel chalk on black paper and metallic Posca (watercolour) ink pens and metallic inks from Pilot. Some pretend café posters. They looked nice after I set them with setting spray. Experiment with those? Love your work. See you around soon.


        • I have used the white posca pen and like them a lot. I have so many art supplies though at this point I haven’t indulged and bought more….one day maybe. I really like the idea of black paper esp. for this little story but once again, buying more art supplies….I don’t know…
          Anyway thanks again!!

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