Bag Lady

I was walking the dog the other day and there were a bunch of people walking around the woods collecting garbage. I saw some rusted piece and asked if I could have it and that I would pick it up on the way back from my walk. The guy was a little confused but went along with it.

When I returned he started to open a plastic bag. I guess he found one along the creek and was going to put my rust in it. I had picked up some plastic bottles and offered to trade my plastic for his rust. Happily he opened on of the massive garbage bags but then he pulled out half of a rusted tail piped and few other rusted bits and tried to sell me on each piece. It was a fun exchange as if we were in a garbage market. I accepted the tailpipe and other pieces and walk merrily down the road.

I wish I had a picture though of me in my tattered jeans lugging a bag full of rust. I looked and felt a bag lady and perhaps I am.

Here is the tailpipe planted in the garden and another bit of rust that happens to be on a chicken.




Xanthic Tailpipe

Just that burnt yellow color alone kills me!


Max was the consummate rust collector. For as long as I can remember my Uncle collected rusted objects from his island in Maine and brought some of  them to his stone courtyard in NYC. I’ve gotten the bug too, always looking down on city streets or in junk piles hoping to find the coolest rusted shape buried and thought of as trash. Thus the reason for some of my embroideries embellished with rusted bottle caps and other chunks of oxidized metal. Here is only one out of hundreds of pieces in the courtyard. Not only is the piece itself engaging but the rust running down the white makes for a complete story of texture, color and shape. I’ll post more one at a time….:

Coils Against Brick

Blue Ribbon

I can’t remember ever winning a blue ribbon in anything before so I made one for myself. It’s the blue ribbon for surviving this long.

Blue Ribbon For Continued Survival
Best in Overall Survival

Best in Overall Survival