Non-toxic Perfume

I belong to a group called campaign for safe In it I’ve read about many disturbing ingredients that are apart of everyday items, like mascara and perfumes that are carcinogenic. Having had cancer twice already and not wanting to experience it again, I decided to embark on my own perfume making. I’ve also made a spray on deodorant that uses tea tree oil and sage and other antibacterial oils like spruce. The smells are fresh, antiseptic and most importantly they are non-toxic.

Here’s the recipe for a perfume that gets a lot of compliments. The variations on this are endless and I will try my hardest to keep a recipe book of the really successful ones.

This one smells like a mix between the desert and jungle flowers, so lets just call this one…Oasis.

One half eye dropper full of essential oils:

Blood Orange, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber

Blown Glass

Half an eye dropper full of  Patchouli (depending on how strong your patchouli is).

About 4 ounces of witch hazel and a few drops of glycerin.

Shake it up and spray it on. Let me know how it goes!

This is all experimental so vary the oils to match your personality. It’s gotten a lot of compliments and comments. Friends have offered Shalimar, Chanel and “What is it?”

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